Database Marketing!

After the coming of digital technologies social media has become popular for building a brand image and generating business, and it should be because Social Media has billions of users. Even with the popularity of Social Media Platforms, the traditional way of Email marketing is effective due to its targeting and effectiveness. Social Media Platforms have some drawbacks that you may have identified, if you have 1 lakh followers on Facebook and you want to target all of them through your post, but when you upload a post, the post only be visible to some of your followers. It means your efforts for targeting 1 lakh people become useless due to its low reach. The second drawback of social media is when your social media accounts will shut down then what will you do, all of your customers will be out of your reach. To retain your customer for a long time, you need to collect their email, name address, and buying behavior. So that you can reach your message to the customers according to your requirements. This is called database Marketing when you target your customers through the database.

Benefits of Database Marketing:-

Potential Customers

When you target customers through Social Media, your post only reaches some of the followers which may or may not be your potential customer. But in Database Marketing you only send messages to your potential Customers.

Effective Ways of Marketing

Due to its direct communication with the customer, it is more powerful than any other means of targeting.

Customer for new segments

Suppose you have a clothes store and you have more potential customers in the database and launching a new segment in the same business, clothes for Children, you need not find any other customers you can target your old Customers from your database.

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