Social media Optimization is the use of Social media sites to make an online presence to convey messages and generate leads. Earlier the main medium for promoting the business was TV, Radio, and Newspaper which has their limitations and incurs more cost. With the arising of Social Media, the popularity of traditional media has reduced and social media is now on trend. We are aware of many social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Instagram.  We use this platform for making personal profiles and building a network. But when comes to its professional use, it can be a huge source of generating a business or getting traffic for your website at minimum cost.


Facebook is one of the popular medium among social media; it has 2.06 billion users worldwide.  Social Media gives a facility to create your business page where you can post your content through video, audio, or pictures with your description and Facebook show your pages to other people who are interested in your business. You can also build a group where you can add more people to build your business network. You can post your product or service details with the hashtag.


 Twitter is used for announcements, you can post short details of your business with the proper hashtag, and then your business details will be shown under that category.


LinkedIn is a professional networking site, where you meet professionals, who belong to the same field. You can build your page or profile to connect with people.


Youtube is a video site where you can post your videos related to the particular product your services. All communication is done through the video. Here you can also give your emails and other social site links so that users can contact you. In Youtube people are added as your subscribers.

You can use all these popular social media platforms to grow your business, if you are looking for the best Social Media Marketing Company in Ludhiana, Braintrain Infosolutions is the best Digital Marketing Company.


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