Affiliate Marketing is a type of Advertisement for which a third party pays you money in exchange for traffic or Leads. A very popular program for affiliates run by Amazon is called the Business Associate program, Amazon offers third-party publishers to join their affiliate program by registering their website with Amazon, then Amazon reviews the website, if the website is according to the Amazon terms and conditions, amazon approves the website for affiliate Program. Amazon pays a commission to the publishers on the sales of products and services.

Benefits of Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is beneficial for both affiliates and the Company.

An e-commerce website wants a wider audience to reach on its site. Digital Marketing costs are very high. In affiliate marketing merchant can hire an affiliate who can place their link and text. Video or image, Merchant pays a commission to the third-party publisher or partner as per their agreement.

Type of Affiliate Marketing

Unattached Affiliate Marketing

Unattached affiliate Marketing is a type of pay-per-click advertising. There is no relation between merchant and affiliate in the unattached Marketing. This type of Marketing is best for those who want to generate income and do not need to establish a relationship with the affiliate.

Related Affiliate Marketing

Related Affiliate Marketing promotes the product related to the publisher’s niche. In this Marketing, Publishers have more authentic and reliable audiences. Related affiliate has more traffic.

 Related affiliate marketing can affect the business of publishers if they are promoting the worst product because do not have experience with that product.

Involved Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing affiliate promotes the product that he has used or using. In this marketing, affiliate recommends products to product and services according to their experiences. The affiliate’s Experience is Advertisements.

After the coming of Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing became very popular and people joined affiliate programs to earn.


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