Social Media Marketers know how to go viral with social Media Platforms whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. After the coming of Digital Media people established their business online to get more Customers for their Business. It is easier to go viral if you know the tactics to make a viral post. Here are some effective techniques to go viral.


Timing matters for making viral any content whether it is video or images. If more users are online while you’re making a post then the possibility of going viral is more. Analyze the timing of your audience and post your content at that time.

Emotions and problems

If your page content can connect with the emotions of people then your post will be viral. People take an interest in the content which are near to their emotions or the post is solving the problems of the people.

Trending Hashtag

Social Media Sites such as Facebook suggest the trending hashtag to make a video related to your category, if you use a trending hashtag the chances of viral are higher, because when users search the topic your post can be viewed under the specific category.

Facebook group and WhatsApp group

Facebook Groups can give an effective boost to your post, if have a group of millions of people where you can post your content, it is beneficial for your page to grow rapidly. Apart from Facebook Group WhatsApp group is more effective than Facebook Group, because people who are added to a Group, know you and they can make your post Viral.


Influencers are the people who are leaders of millions of people and people listen to them and follow their tips. If you have tied up with the Influencers they can viral your post, if they recommend your content or page to their follower then chances of Viral is high.

Making a Business Page viral depends on the Digital Marketing Strategy, you can hire a Digital Marketing Agency in Ludhiana to grow your Business Page.

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