Instagram Marketing for Business!

In today’s Digital world, Social Media Marketing plays a crucial role in business, most businesses want to establish themselves as Digital Businesses, and Instagram has become the most popular medium to promote your products and services. You can see most popular brands establish their profile on Instagram they Share Images and Videos on Instagram related to products and services. There are currently 2.4 billion active users on Instagram. If you are a business owner and not on Instagram you may miss a big opportunity to scale up your business.

Benefits of Instagram

1-         Images Posting – you may heard one image is worth one thousand words, People like to see content that is easy to understand, impressive, and saves time and images can do so, you can understand a long message in a short time with the images while the same message in a written format can take a long time to read and understand.

2-         Reels or Short videos with music – When you feel stressed you want to listen to your favorite song to get rid of stress and you always love to listen to the song. Instagram’s most popular feature is a reel or short video, users can upload reels of 3 to 90 seconds, and you can record your marketing message and upload it with your favorite music to grab users’ attention.

3-         Categories – you can upload your reels with the category of your business, when you upload reels in a category, you may have a chance to get more engagement from your reels.

4-         Trending Hashtags– mentioning the hashtag your video is included under the hashtag, your video will be shown in the hashtag you have mentioned in the video, and that hashtag may get the maximum views for your videos.

5-         Trending music – trending music included in the video increases the chances of viral your videos.

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