Video is a wonderful medium for Marketing, and it has a long and memorable impact on the minds of Customers. Customers may miss the Product which has text details, but people always prefer to see videos. If you tell people to read a book, they can read only for sometimes half an hour, but if say to watch a movie they can sit and watch movies for 3 hours because a movie has a video. If you talk about the remembrance of the movie, they can tell you the entire story of the movie. 4 Social Media Platforms are very popular for Video Marketing


YouTube has more than 2.70 billion active users. If a Customer goes to buy a new product, first of all, they watch a video about the product, and when satisfied with the video they go to buy the product. YouTube Video Marketing is done through a channel where users can create a channel related to the categories of products and services, and then upload a video related to products and services. People can upload a short as well as long Video with the details of the product. When users search the related products and services YouTube displays a list of videos and users choose to watch the video, When more people love to watch your videos, YouTube places your video at the top of its search results.


Facebook has 2.95 active users. With its largest users, Facebook become the popular Medium of Video and Viral Marketing. Facebook Marketing is done through the pages. A page dedicated to the product and services, where video, Image, and text can be posted. Facebook gives the facility to build a group in which you can add more people from the same Interests, You can also join the group to post your videos. You can add people to your page by inviting people and your video will be shown to the people you have added on your Page. You can also boost your post through the Facebook ad services.


Twitter is Announcements Social Media Platform, where you can post short text and videos up to 512 MB, 2 minutes and 20 seconds long.


Instagram is used for making videos viral. Any videos related to Art, Education, or business can be uploaded. Instagram has 1 billion active users monthly.

Video Marketing is very effective but you need to hire a Digital Marketing expert who can strategize your video to viral on social Media. Braintrain Info Solutions is the Best Digital Marketing Company in Ludhiana for Video Viral Marketing.


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