Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing plays an important role in creating brand awareness, you can use multiple channels and strategies to promote your product and services, Most people use social media to promote the brand, and you may have seen most of the businesses have social media pages. Traditional Marketing is marketing done through billboards, TV, and Radio Media to reach a broader audience but reach limited people due to medium unavailability.
There are differences between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing –


Digital Marketing is cost-effective, if you place advertisements on TV and Radio it will incur high costs according to ad time, but on a social media platform, you can place them at a very low cost.

Control over ads campaign

If you run a specific ad on a Traditional Media platform, it cannot be changed daily, one ad will go for a month or week as per the budget and time. In Digital Media you can control your ads campaign on a daily or weekly basis or after the analysis of ads results.

Multiple Channels and Tactics

Digital marketing allows you to use multiple mediums to promote products and services, you can use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, or a Website to create awareness and generate leads for the business. In traditional media, you have limited media to promote your product and services.


You can measure audience in all Digital Media, For example, if you create and post any image or video you can measure the audience and its result, but in a Traditional you cannot measure the traffic.

Organic Traffic

When you want to place an ad on a traditional marketing medium you have to pay advertising costs, you cannot place any ad without paying advertisement costs, it means no investment, no business. When you use a Digital Marketing Channel there are more chances to grow traffic organically through SEO or Viral Marketing without paying advertisement costs.

Conversion rate

Digital Marketing gives a higher conversion rate than traditional business because you have the freedom to change Marketing Strategy from time to time. Traditional Media has a lower conversion rate because you cannot change the Strategy if the ads campaign is not giving the required results.

If you want more conversion you need to implement an effective Digital Marketing Strategy, you can hire a Digital Marketing Company in Ludhiana for Web Development and Digital Marketing Services to grow your business.

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