What factors Influence SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is done to rank the website on Search Engine, and it depends on many factors such as domain history, blogs, Daily updating of the website, website speed, Keyword Optimization, Responsiveness, and Social Media Optimization. If all the aspects are covered thoroughly then patience and continuity present your website at the top of search engine result pages.

Domain history

An old domain has more chances to rank on search engines, the domain history makes your domain more reliable in comparison to a new domain, Domain age does not directly affect SEO but an old domain is preferred by Search Engine. The new domain is also considerable for Search Engines.


Blogs have information about the product and services to convince the audiences, they educate the customers about the product specialty and their uses. If Blogs are informational and with good intent on the website, it is a good sign for increasing your Google search engine rankings. Blogs should be informative not stuffed with keywords only. Google is smarter it knows you are only placing a keyword and blogs do not have the intention to inform the audience.

Daily Pupation of the website

Daily updating of the website, increases your reputation over the search Engine and Search Engine considering you are website is active, if you are daily updating your site, it has more possibilities to increase Search Engine Rankings.

Website Speed

Check the speed of your website, before publishing it for users, Search Engine prefer the best speed site for ranking, if your website loading time, website page loading time is more user gets annoyed and leave your site which increase your website’s bounce rate and decrease your site ranking. In the SEO website speed is most preferable to rank the website.

Keyword Optimization

When you write General Content for the website such As Service Description, Home Page, and Product and Services Page, place Keywords properly so that your website can be ranked on the Search Engine as per keyword.

Website Responsiveness

Make sure your Website is responsive and working on each platform mobile as well as, tab and PC. Responsiveness of the website increases Search Engine Rankings.

Social Media Optimization 

SEO and SMO have the same objective to increase traffic but SEO drives users through the keyword while SMO drives the user through the presentation using Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram YouTube, etc.

All the above factors affect SEO, Digital Marketing Do SEO For your E-Commerce Website using an effective Strategy, Hiring the best SEO and SMO Company will be beneficial for you. If you live in Ludhiana, you can search best SEO and SMO Agency in Ludhiana  to contact them for Effective Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Services.

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